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Well, today promises to be the most long, boring day I´ve had in a while. I´m currently at the airport in Reykjavik. I have 3 flights today. 1 down, 2 to go. The fun part is, my flight to Boston was delayed for 6 hours. They gave us vouchers for food (I got a Smirnoff´s with mine. Never miss an opportunity for free drinks!), and there was apparently some free bus trip to Blue Lagoon, but I think that´s some type of spa, and to me, spas mean getting naked and letting strangers touch you, and that sounds like more of a nightmare than my idea of fun, since I´m a very clothes on hands off gah strangers type of person.

Also, according to Facebook, my fake girlfriend has ANOTHER fake girlfriend and is therefore fake cheating on me. I´m actually amused by this, but I will pretend to be livid. Oh, Zan! How could you! Why do these keyboards not let me use the symbols and punctuation I want! Damn you all! Oh well. Serves me right, I guess.

On the other hand, Tivolis are delicious, and I will be ordering them from now on. Wooo, new girly drink option!

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