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just had a nice long chat with megan. heeheehee is funny... 8 pound man removed from woman's vagina... hehehe...

stress, psych extra credit, exams, papers, group projects... and i'm hungry and wondering if i should make some ramen noodles.

My Father thinks I am: lazy
My Mother thinks I am: fat
My sister thinks I am: weird
My brother thinks I am: if i had one, he'd probably make fun of me a lot
My grandma thinks I am: *grandma conway* - her mini-me, and *nana* - a cat freak like her
My Grandpa thinks I am: *grandpa* - he's dead, but he thought i had tourette syndrome before i was diagnosed... and *pop pop* - he likes my hair
My Boyfriend or Girlfriend thinks I am: if i had one, he/she'd think i'm too quiet
My best friend thinks I am: not assertive enough (we just had a discussion about this regarding thanksgiving and how i'm sick of eating in restaurants)

+your three best qualities are: my imagination, writing skills, and how sweet i try to be
+three worst qualities: i'm socially retarded, lazy, and i have a terrible internet addiction
+three things you are often complimented for: whatever weird shirt i'm wearing, my writing, and my web site
+a compliment you got that made you blush: "you have good breeding hips." one of the merchants told me that at my first SCA event (on my 19th birthday), and i nearly whacked him with a bottle. cj nearly stabbed him with one of the daggers he was selling. he meant it as a compliment though...
+you get embarrassed when: i do or say something really out of place and people stare at me like "what the heck is she on?"
+makes you happy: hugs
+upsets you: when people are mean to my friends

Yes or NO....
+you keep a diary: lj! and i have a couple other "diaries" i don't write in very often
+you like to cook: sometimes. i loved cooking class in high school, it was so much fun!
+a secret you have not shared with anyone: i have a whole bunch.
+you fold your underwear: nope
+you talk in your sleep: occasionally hehehe, but my sister yells in her sleep all the time
+you set your watch a few minutes ahead: nope, i'm not anal-retentive like that
+you bite your fingernails: no, i just trim them painfully short
+you believe in love: sure. it hasn't happened for me yet, but i've seen enough happy couples to know it exists

x. you wish you could live somewhere else: yeah, i'm sick of PA
x. you think about suicide: not any more
x. you believe in online dating: it's a good way to meet people, but it shouldn't be as dependable
x. others find you attractive: i don't know... i get called "cute" a lot, but nobody is really ATTRACTED attracted to me that i know of...
x. you want more piercings: nooooo
x. you want more tattoos: just one, something small somewhere when i'm older
x. you drink: apple juice and gatorade!
x. you do drugs: i take titralac and midol when i need them...
x. you smoke: no, ewwwww
x. you like cleaning: if i did, my room certainly wouldn't look like such a dump
x. you like roller coasters: i don't like amusement parks, especially after a certain trip to kennywood a year and a half ago that brings painful memories
x. you write in cursive or print: messy, childish print
x. you carry a donor card: nope

have you...
x. ever cried over a boy/girl: not in the romantic sense... if a friend hurt me or i saw a friend hurt, yeah
x. ever lied to someone: everyone lies. mine are usually small and insignificant.
x. ever been in a fist fight: with my sis hehe, and i kind of got into one in 7th grade
x. ever been arrested: nope

x. of times I have been in love? 0 so far
x. of times I have had my heart broken? a few times by friends...
x. of hearts I have broken? i don't know of any...
x. of boys I have kissed? well... one in 1st grade, one of the staff members at camp on a dare (on the cheek, and i had a crush on him... i was 13...), and that's all i can think of...
x. of people I've slept with? well if you count just sleeping in the same bed with someone, at least 5. if you're talking about sex, none.
x. of people I consider my enemies? i don't really have enemies, there are people i don't really like but they're not enemies...
x. of people from high school that I stayed in contact with? right now, about 4
x. of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? several, i won't bother counting.
x. of things in my past that I regret? ohhh lots of them...

*name- ade
*age- 19 1/2
*sex- not tonight, josephine
*dob- 5/18/83
*location- meadville, PA (bleh...)
*siblings- katie (almost 13), patricia (stillborn, would be 14 or 15), and julia (almost 12, and she's not my REAL sister, she's my neighbor)
*flirty- only with certain friends, hehehe

*shoe size- 2 (ha!)
*hair color- cardboard (i dunno...)
*first crush- jon wisbey, my mom's college roommate's son, we'd go to museums and places when we were little kids
*boyfriend/girlfriend now: none at the moment
*crush- ben, he's in a couple of my clubs, he's funny and nice and kinda prudish
*color of your room- boring creamy white here and "chardonnay" at home
*hobbies- writing, computer/internet games, drawing, talking about random, obscure things
*sign- taurus

Questions on guys, for girls to fill out
*boxers/briefs- i don't care, just keep it covered!
*long/short hair- i like it looooong... not TOO long on guys, but chin or shoulder length is nice
*tall or short- short, just so i don't feel so freakish
*pack/muscular arms- arms
*good/bad guy- benevolent with an "evil" side
*ear pierced, or not?- it doesn't matter
*tan or fair- fair
*freckles or none- don't care
*stubble or neatly shaved- don't care
*accent or american- british accent... *drool*
*would you ever go out with someone whos ugly?- looks don't matter to me very much
*punk or prep- no labels! no cliques! bad!

On preferences....
*cuddle or make out- cuddle, i don't know what making out is like...
*chocolate milk, or hot chocolate- hot chocolate
*mcdonalds or burger king?- wendy's!!!!!!
*coke or pepsi- ick i hate pop!
*would you wanna marry your best friend, or the perfect lover- well, i don't want to marry my current best friend, but if i had a best friend i liked *that way*, i'd want to marry him/her
*root beer, or dr pepper- well, root beer is pretty good...
*tea/coffee/cappuccino- tea or a mocha
*cats or dogs- kitty!
*mud or jello wrestling- cheese!
*milk, dark, or white chocolate?- white
*sunny or rainy- rainy!!!!! or snowy!
*winter, summer, fall, or spring- fall and winter
*vanilla or chocolate- strawberry
*skiing or boarding- skiing
*biking or blading- being lazy
*cereal or toast- rice krispies!
*do ya like rock, punk, rap, r and b, alternative, techno, pop, or
country- sometimes, sometimes, no, no, sometimes, yes, not unless it's 80s pop, and no
*bunk or water bed- regular squishy mattress, i hate bunk beds, and water beds are weird and squidgely...
*lights on or off- off

*My friends- megan, laura, cj, spam, alexia, kathy, bill, nina, dave, the neighborhood kids, the alpha gang, and the people in my clubs here (it would take forever to name them all...)
*Friends that you look like- none, though once a show saleslady asked if megan and i were sisters (yeah, especially with the size difference...)
*You go to for advice- depends, and i don't ask for advice often. it also depends who's online or who i feel like calling
*Who do you tell all ur secrets too?- megan and cj

youre favorites
*color- rainbow
*number- 87 1/2
*movie- hedwig and the angry inch
*subject- writing
*song- "sweet transvestite" and "the origin of love"
*sport to play- fencing
*sport to watch- sumo wrestling hehehe... BELLIES!
*favorite drink- apple juice
*truth or dare- truth
*ocean or pool- lake
*love or lust- a bit of both is good
*silver or gold- silver
*diamonds or pearls- tiger eyes!
*sunset or sunrise- sunset
*showers or bubble baths- hot tub...

misc. questions
*do you like school- nooooo
*do you like to talk on the phone- only with certain people
*do ya have your own phone line- i do in this room
*can we have your number- it ends in 3577
*do you like to dance- only with my sister hahaha
*are you scared to ask out your crush- yeah...
*do you think cheerin is a sport- the physical activity is, but yelling and dressing slutty isn't

1: Been kissed?
not really...
2: Done drugs?
i had some titralac a few days ago, thanks to the bad cafeteria food giving me heartburn...
3: Eaten an entire box of Oreos?
4: Been on stage?
5: Dumped someone else?
6: Gotten in a car accident?
*whines* don't remind me!
7: Watched "Punky Brewster"?
hehehehe only a couple episodes
8: Been in love?

9: Shampoo: eh... generic?
10: Toothpaste: pepsodent since it doesn't have a strong icky minty taste
11: Soap: the venus of willendorf soap i just got and the kinds with prizes inside (i got a nun finger puppet once!)
12: Type of soup: chicken and stars
13: Room in your house: my room
14: Instrument: dulcimer, harpsichord, and gong

15: Coffee or hot chocolate?
MUDT!!!!! mix 'em together!
16: Big or little? little!
17: Lace or satin? velvet
18: New or old? depends
19: Neve Campbell or Jennifer Love Hewitt? neither
20: Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt? tom as jack in "legend"
21: Vogue or Material Girl? material girl!
22: Jeans or cords? jeans
23: Sweater or sweatshirt? sweatshirt
24: T shirt or tank top? t-shirt
25: Skirt or dress? long skirt
26: Wool or cotton? cotton
27: Rose or Lily? daisy
28: The way it is or the way it was? the way it was when i was 3 and the world was perfect
29: Oldies or pop? 80s pop
30: Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? i already answered this!
31: Do you have a best friend? yeah, kinda

In the last 24 hours, have you...
32: Cried? yup
33: Helped someone? yup
34: Bought something? nope
35: Gotten sick? nope
36: Gone to the movies? i watched "working girls" in the library, if that counts
37: Gone out for dinner? nope
38: Said "I love you"? nope
39: Written a real letter? nope
40: Moved on? don't think so...
41: Talked to an ex? no exes...
42: Missed an ex? see the above
43: Written in a journal? what do you think i'm doing?
44: Talked to someone you have a crush on? yup
45: Had a serious talk? yup
46: Missed someone? yup
47: Hugged someone? *sigh* i wish... i needed a hug last night but i didn't ask for one
48: Fought with your parents? haven't even talked to them
49: Fought with a friend? no, but megan was in a bizarre mood and yelling at me for wanting some ramen noodles or an orange or something, though that doesn't count...

Do you.....
50: Wear eye shadow? nope
51: Put on a "front"? not that i know of, what you see is pretty much what you get
52: Kiss on the first date? never had a date
53: Have a crush on someone? yup, ben
54: Eat with your mouth open? well, i have to get the food in there somehow...
55: If you got a tattoo, where would you get it, and what would be? i don't know yet
56: What color is your floor/carpet in your room? white/tan tile, and the carpet at home is seafoam green with 237856807135 stains on it
57: What was the last CD you bought? tori amos - scarlet's walk
58: How did you spend last summer? working for my dad, trying to find a real job, the alpha workshop, and vermont
59: When's the last time you showered? this afternoon
60: Are you tired? yup
61: Are you lonely? not really
62: Are you happy? sorta content but stressed
63: Are you wearing pajamas? nope
64: Are you talking to someone online? not currently, i have 3 conversation windows up though...
65: What are the initials of your crush/interest/spouse? BB
66: What is your astrological sign? taurus
67: What is the sign of your crush/interest/spouse? scorpio (he told me yesterday, and his birthday is friday)
68: What time is it? 11:34 pm

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