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I <3 my new couch. It came during lunch time, which was good. One of the guys just grabbed it out of the truck and carried it over his shoulder like it was a basket, not a 3-seater couch. Wow. They came, set it up, and left in the span of about 5 minutes. But anyway, it's kind of a light olive-ish spring green, and it's a microfiber one, but the fibers are longer so it has a velvety feel (which I absolutely love, and I just want to pet it and pet it and pet it...). So now I get to rearrange more furniture, weee. Also, I might be getting a dining table and chairs tomorrow (I just learned of this opportunity this morning, so it's not set in stone yet).

Wooo, it's going to feel like "home" soon. I have real furniture, not just cheap Ikea crap. (I love Ikea, I really do, but it's not the best place to buy furniture unless you're a college student. I go there more for random household stuff and the Swedish candy - those little Daim thingies rule.) And the porch wall is fixed. Soon, it will be a REAL house, and then all I'll need is a hot tub in the basement and a manservant to bring me cocktails and clean my house.

Also, that foaming pipe snake stuff works like a charm. Die, clog! Muhahahahaaaaa. Now, to clean/replace the drain filter thing and clean the bathtub (ick)! And Jesse is coming to mow the lawn and trim the hedges tomorrow, so my yard will look less like an overgrown mess. While I was away, these weeds took over a few of the flower beds, and these vines decided they were going to grow all over the place (they grow at an alarming rate), and I don't want to tear them out, because they have these pretty purple and magenta flowers, and at least if I'm going to have overgrown vines climbing all over my porch railing and the side of the house, they should be pretty vines. I'm tearing out the other weeds though.

I still want to set up my new tent in the craft room or something and camp out in it. No roasting marshmallows inside the house though. I don't even like marshmallows.

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