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3 pages of a 5-6 page paper finished! whew! i have a serious issue with distractions and writing papers. i can only concentrate on writing them if it's the night before they're due or the MORNING they're due. i sat down to work on my paper early this evening, sat around and dawdled for 3 hours (repeatedly checking my email, fussing with my hair, thinking "you DORK, you're not going to get any sleep and you'll be a cranky bitch tomorrow," and accomplishing nothing. but i managed to write 3 pages. now i'm going to bed, and i set my alarm for 5. by that time i'll be motivated to write more. then i can finish the damn thing, dash to a computer lab and print it (my printer is having issues with ink as always - i HATE the damn printer and wish it would be nice and WORK when i tell it to like its good sister scanner does...), and turn it in by 11. if i'm really good about working, i can fit a shower and breakfast in there. i'm giving myself 6 hours tomorrow. i know it will take me about an hour to get out of bed, turn the computer on, and get out of "drunk" mode (i always act like i'm drunk for the first hour after i wake up... i can't talk right, i bump into walls, and i'm grouchy). then i'll sit there for another hour while checking my email and thinking, PAPER, you idiot! then i'll look at the clock, panic, and BS my way through the last 2-3 pages before throwing on some clothing, dashing to a computer lab, finding that their printers have issues, going to another lab and waiting 10 minutes while the printer prints out everyone else's papers first, then finally getting to class in the nick of time and finding that some overachiever swiped my seat in the front. it happens every time! and yes, i have to be a nerd and sit in front. if i don't sit in front, i can't see the board (damn tall people with big heads and poofy hair...), and i don't pay attention as much. it's my lovely little "i'm going to get a B in this class even if i'm paranoid that he's watching my every move" strategy. but it's working, i think i'm getting a B in brit. lit.

bed, ade! BED! i have a very busy day ahead of me even after the paper is over with.

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