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I'm on a temporary break from Pennsic, back in the mundane world for the afternoon (getting some work done, running a couple errands, laundry, etc.), although I'm still wearing garb. Hah. Pennsic has been fun so far. It's amusing how much innuendo you can spew while pitching a tent. But hey, it's easier to get erect when there are three people helping you. *snickersnicker*

So far, I've gone to a couple classes (related to preparing wool for spinning and sewing basic clothing), bought some bones and fibers, and stayed up until 3 am. This week, I plan to get some more garb, go crazy with the crafting, and try to avoid getting horribly sun-burnt and losing my blinding pastiness. Also, they built a bridge this year, and I should be the troll under the bridge demanding ridiculous tolls and threatening to eat people.

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