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Writer's Block: Less Than Idle Hands

Random Pennsic stuff:

- During Midnight Madness (an evening shopping event where merchants have discounts and stuff), I ended up buying a cat o' nine tails. Of course, carrying it around with me means I have the irresistable urge to whip people with it. I pity Vreile and Andy, I couldn't stop whipping them when we were walking around.
- I also went to this spinning merchant and got a bunch of wool and some hand-carders. They had this thing where if you sang, you'd get a discount. I don't really know anything period to sing aside from "Ring Around the Rosy" (such a disturbing nursery rhyme), but Andy wanted to sing, so he sang for me. I did get a pretty good discount too. :D
- I went to this class about carving horns. It was pretty neat, and I only cut myself twice (not badly), which was good (especially since I'm clumsy as hell). I started making a little gnome carving.
- I do love how Pennsic is the one time I don't get grossed out and uncomfortable when people discuss their "periods." Heh. (Also, for the record, I think my main period will be roughly early 16th century English, and at some point I'll figure out a period for my Indian persona.)

Do you have any odd nervous habits?

Yeah, I have a bunch. I'm not sure how many of them are just my Tourette's acting up, but here are some I can think of off the top of my head:

- Sometimes if I'm in a situation I find really uncomfortable (like if I've just royally embarrassed myself or if someone is hitting on me), I will start laughing hysterically and uncontrollably, even if nothing is even remotely humorous. I laugh at pretty much everything, but this laughter has a different tone to it. Basically, if I'm in an uncomfortable situation and really don't know how to react, I will start laughing (possibly in an attempt to ease any tension). Of course, sometimes laughing is totally inappropriate, like when someone is upset or I've just heard bad news, but it's basically a general reaction when I don't know how else to react. I still feel bad about an incident that happened years ago though. When you happen to see someone naked, it's generally a very bad idea to start laughing uncontrollably.

- Another reaction, aside from laughing, is uncontrollable shaking. This isn't so much a nervous thing... if I've royally embarrassed myself or have just done something awkward, sometimes I'll just get all shivery. It's kind of an "oh, crap" or "WTF?!?!" reaction.

- Sometimes I'll bite my knuckles. It usually means either I have something I really want to say but can't bring myself to say it, or I'm stifling something else.
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