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Agh. I am totally prone to falling hopelessly in love at first sight, and someday, it will be my downfall.

So I went to Petsmart after work to pick up rat food and went to check out the adoptable cats (they're not pet store cats, they're foster and shelter cats that people put in the stores to encourage adoption). And... and... in one corner, there was this teeny little 3-month-old black kitten named Ronin who was totally calling to me and telling me to take him home. He was pawing the glass and standing and mewing at me even though I couldn't hear, and he'd go around the cage pouncing on random things, but he WANTED ME. And I kept going back and staring... and wanting to reach through the glass and pet his fuzzy little head and pick him up and snorgle him and whisk him away, but I couldn't. For one thing, I was meeting Laura at Zaiaka and had to leave... otherwise I might not have been able to resist temptation.


Everyone knows I have a horrible, hopeless weakness for kittens. I turn into a puddle of mush and get all squealy and girly. It will definitely be my downfall. It's my zombie-exploitable weakness, my kryptonite, the one weakness that EVERYONE and their MOTHERS know about.

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