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awwwww... for once in my life, i actually miss church. you see, i got 4 1/2 hours of sleep thanks to working on my paper (i finished it, managed to fix my printer, print it, and get to class EARLY and turn it in!). i got a 16/20 on my quiz, so i was happy, but i was feeling kinda grouchy and burnt out thanks to sleep deprivation and straining my mind at 5:30 am. well, i went to check my mail and found i had a package. cool! well, the kids at the church i used to go to sent me a big package of goodies! they sent me lots of snacks (just when i was worried i'd run out), pencils, post-it notes (i really needed some), a cute card, and other stuff. wow. i was almost moved to tears. just last night i was falling asleep, praying that i'd finish the paper in time, praying a friend of mine would be all right (i think she's in the hospital for something serious), and hoping everything would turn out ok. the package came at a perfect time, just when i needed a boost. sure, i'm not christian, i always hated to go to church, and i felt uncomfortable there, but the people there were nice, and the kids were fun. i don't know a lot of the younger kids (i'm mostly familiar with the kids around my sister's age, who are now preteens and teenagers), but i recognized a couple that signed the card, and they're fun kids. sigh... now i'm homesick. i wanted to go home next weekend and get away from here for a few days anyway. wow. i'm just grinning all over the place now. who cares if i still have a stressful day ahead of me? i'm loved!

oh gosh, i'm making myself cry now. i'll have to send the kids a thank you note. a big one. yes folks, there is a God who listens. sure, there's a difference between the christian one and the wiccan one, but they're both part of that big incomprehensible almighty "thing" that takes care of us.

well, this afternoon i'll be raking leaves with a couple argo folks, then a bunch of other activities. HOPEFULLY i'll get to bed at a decent hour, so i can be all restified tomorrow. what's going on tomorrow? anything? i don't know. saturdays are usually pretty uneventful and stress-free. maybe i'll use the time to catch up on things like doing the dishes, writing letters, and stuff like that. or i'll sit around and play computer games all day. or both. next week shouldn't be AS stressful (a few projects here and there), so that's good.

lunch time!

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