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well, i wore myself out today. anita, good tom, and i went to rake leaves at this lady's house, and i jumped in one of the leaf piles for old time's sake. a twig scratched my leg, but that's ok. and my palms got all stingy and itchy too, but i bet i just have dry skin this time of year. yes, i know i should use moisturizer, but i can't stand the feel of lotion or gooey stuff on my skin. it just feels wrong. anyway, i went to anime night. yay.

now for some bad news. my older friend nina had a minor stroke on sunday. fortunately she's ok, and she's out of the hospital, but it's still a terrible, scary thing. i'm so worried about her. it seems like every bad thing in the world happens to her. she doesn't deserve it! *hollers* IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!!!! why do such terrible things have to happen to such nice people? grrrrr... i think i need to do some healing work. no spells or anything, just heavy duty prayer and energy work.

well, it's the weekend, my paper is turned in, and all would be well if my friends were all well, but i seem to gravitate towards people with "chronic issue syndrome," and nobody is ever ok! i love my friends though. they kick ass, even if they're depressed a lot.

ooh, i have a phone message! yay!

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