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We're almost done with the big crazy project at work, and I'm relieved that I'm finally getting a weekend off. I'm pretty much done with it, so now I'm just waiting for Framemaker 8 to install. Weee.

I'm really looking forward to this weekend. Rose is coming back to take her driver's test, Ben is coming up too, and we'll quite likely see other people (there has been talk of going to a gay bar). It'll be fun. Still need to clean up though. I got a new shower curtain, liner, and hangy rings, since the old curtain had some issues. Plus, this new one looks a lot less granny-ish (I love grannies, just not their decorating sense).

Oooooooh. I'm totally going to be spoiled with Framemaker 8... there are so many useful features that weren't in 7... *drool*

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