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Note to self: Wearing these pants with the little drawstrings at the bottoms around kittens is not such a great idea, especially when they need to have their nails trimmed. Your ankles, feet, and calves will thank you.

I just went to my local barony's meeting. I hadn't been to one before, but I figured I should actually, yanno, get involved with the SCA on the LOCAL level. It's a pretty active barony, so there's lots of stuff to do, and I did actually *gasp* talk to a few people. So hopefully in the next few months, I'll get out more and make some local SCAdian friends and stuff.

I have this really badass-looking scratch on my hand now. I went home for lunch for some Runescapin', and Bouncer was sitting on the computer desk. She slipped off, grabbed my hand in a desperate attempt to cling on, and dragged her claws slowly across the back of my hand as she fell. She was fine, of course, as a 3-foot drop onto a carpeted floor is hardly a danger for a kitten, but I let out a long, loud "Aaaaaaaoooooowwwwwww!!!!!!" They're getting used to hearing that sound from me, since I need to trim their claws, and they both hop/climb up onto my lap at least 50 times a day. Speaking of trimming claws, I really need to cut my nails before I wake up with gashes on my face again (seriously, if I don't keep my nails short, I wake up with scratches around the bridge of my nose and between my eyebrows).

Also, I can almost promise that there will be kitten pictures tomorrow. Squee!

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