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I went to the ren fest yesterday. It was ok, but I was in one of my "quiet and zoning out a lot" moods (a frequent occurrence when I'm out in public and/or around people I don't know). I kept thinking about Pennsic too. I found it interesting how half the merchants there don't sell things that are even remotely related to the medieval/renaissance periods.

Best Freudian slip of the day, thanks to Laura:
"Thank you for holding my hand in your lap there, Ade."
[Obligatory context: Laura had made a wax casting of her hand, and I was holding the paper bag with the hand in it on my lap on the way home. The look on her face when she realized what she had just said was priceless.]

A few weeks ago, my mom gave me a couple photos that had been lying around. One was me sitting on Mall Santa's lap (when I was 16 - Sarah dared me to do it), and the other was a framed shot of Laura, Sam, and me, from my first ren fest... 8 years ago. I put it up on the mantle. But man... that was 8 years ago? Holy crap...

On Friday, someone came and fiddled with the cubicles, so now instead of my regular 6x6 cubicle, I have a really long desk on one side, and there's this great big open space between my newly-expanded cube and the other "cube" (which also used to be 2 cubicles). It's really weird, but I'll get used to it. I also organized my cubicle when I had spare time on Friday. So it's all neat and tidy and not crowded with piles of paper. It feels so... wrong. I need my chaos to feel comfy. Well, it'll be back to its usual mess soon enough, and now I have more space to let it sprawl.

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