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No Ethiopian food today (after reading the last post's comments, I want to try it even more), but I did go to Zaiaka for dinner with Mom. Mmm, Indian food... so good...

My kittens are developing interesting habits. And vices. I've started keeping the bathroom door closed, because Yarmulke has developed a bizarre fascination with the sink drain. The other day, she figured out how to pull the drain plug out, and the thing was filthy and made a mess all over the sink. By the time I walked in and saw what she was doing, there were bits of goodness-doesn't-want-to-know-what all over the place, and I just hoped she hadn't ingested anything that would require a trip to the vet and/or liberal amounts of carpet cleaner. But she's fine, and to my knowledge, neither has puked since Yarmulke got carsick on the way here. I like not being surprised by puddles of cat barf. Anyway, she's really fixated on the damned drain and will run into the bathroom and jump up on the sink every chance she gets, so I just keep the door closed now.

I'm kind of stupid and keep wearing clothing that has drawstrings and zippered hoodies. So my clothing gets attacked frequently. They've done a number on said drawstrings and one of my shoelaces. It's also interesting getting dressed in the morning. They've probably gotten used to the sound of me yelping as they leap up to attack pants drawstrings and then cling to my legs. Maybe I should just wear jeans more often. And trim their claws. I really look like I've been snuggling with Edward Scissorhands (and letting him grope my thighs, which bear the most damage).

Fortunately they can be easily distracted with all sorts of things (a cat o' nine tails makes a wonderful kitten toy). It looks like they dismembered a bird in the guest room, because I got them this toy that's a straw ball with feathers poking out one side, and they ripped half the feathers out and scattered them around the room. I think it's funny. They also will attack any plastic bag lying on the floor. Fortunately, my house is filled with plastic bags lying around, and Bouncer will pounce on them, run away, and then run back and pounce repeatedly. Yarmulke steals balls of yarn and runs around with them. I think it's funny, but I always chase after her and retrieve them since I don't want my yarn to get ruined. Maybe I'll give them a couple little balls of cheap acrylic yarn to play with. Although I know I'll come home to find looooooooong trails of yarn leading all over the place...

And they always have to go potty within 30 seconds of me cleaning the litter box. Or while I'm cleaning it. Heh. They're funny little beasties. And they're good company, even when they attack my feet while I'm trying to fall asleep.

I've started working on that comic I mentioned a couple months ago (not that anyone remembers). I have two pages done so far. I figure I'll post them on a weekly basis, but I want to draw up at least two months worth of comics before I scan/upload/post any of them. Because I should only start a webcomic if I can commit to it, and I'm fairly commitment-phobic (except when it comes to animals).

For some reason, I'm wearing really bright colors today. Maybe I didn't get enough sleep last night and didn't stop and think about what I was putting on in the morning. It's not my usual black-on-black action. *shrug* Good lord, this hoodie almost matches the ungodly bright green walls in the guest room.

...I'm clearly bored enough to be posting about random crap that's not even remotely interesting. That's probably my cue to go to bed or something.

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