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I had a dream last night that I was at someone's house, which was full of kittens, and I was looking for my girls but couldn't find them anywhere. And the people there were doing this very silly dance to "Poor Unfortunate Souls" from "The Little Mermaid." And then I was supposed to go eat with my entire family but almost fell into a ravine full of nerds and pwned my junior high-aged dad (who looked like one of the Jonas brothers for some reason) at somethingorother.

Today the girls discovered the mantle above the fake fireplace. I was playing Super Paper Mario (I spent the weekend playing video games, woohoo) and heard a big crash and thought, "aww crap, what did they break?" They knocked over a picture frame that was on the mantle, so I scooped them up, scolded them, and shut them in the guest room while I cleaned up the broken glass. The picture was almost unscathed (one tiny nick right in the middle of my forehead, thanks), so as long as I find a piece of replacement glass, the frame can be fixed. Then a few hours later, they found the bag where I put the broken glass, and they got really confused when I ran towards them yelling, "No! Broken glass is not a toy!" Silly kittens. I guess I'll have to either train them not to go on the mantle (I'm still trying to drill it into Bouncer's head that she can't jump on the dining room table, although Yarmulke seems to get it) or move the chair so they can't get to it.

I did nothing productive this weekend. Woot. Although I did beat Super Paper Mario. I also finally got my Wii hooked up to the internet. At some point, I'll post my number so we can all add each other or whatever.

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