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i drew that in about half an hour tonight. i don't like the arms, but i think it's cute. i very rarely attempt anime, and this looks more like my own personal style (i animetized the facial features a bit, but that's about it). i think i make a cute anime girl.

today was tolerable. the argo meeting was ok, dinner was terrible as usual, and i saw a speaker in the chapel. he gave a good speech about mental illness.

my mind is kinda blank now. i wanna go home! i haven't been home at all since the beginning of the school year except for fall break. i'm sick of the revolting cafeteria food, creepy showers, stairs, lack of cats and neighborhood kids, etc. i just need to get out of here for a while. i should email my parents. and of course they'll ask me to go find someone who lives somewhere near murrysville and see if they can give me a ride, but i have issues with asking people for favors, and i don't know many people anyway, much less people that i like and feel comfortable around. oh well. i'm sure they can come get me. i know they miss me. i can't hold out til thanksgiving break, i NEED to go home. before i snap.

i'm in an artsy mood. i should do something artsy then. i'm in the mood for pastels.

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