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I present, for your reading enjoyment, a tale of forbidden love, conspiracy, betrayal, and revenge.

This morning...

Yarmulke: Oh, my beloved sink drain plug, how I long for you! Curse you, Ade, for keeping the bathroom door closed and denying me my one true love!
Bouncer: Yeah! You know what she did last night? I was sleeping peacefully on her neck, and she suddenly grabbed my leg and forcefully rolled me over! [In my defense, I dreamed that someone was grabbing my neck, and when I went to push their hand away, I realized it was furry and innocent. I also woke up at one point, flailing and yelling at someone, but I have no recollection of that dream.]
Yarmulke: We must plot to see my love again!
Bouncer: But won't we get in trouble? She doesn't let us in the bathroom any more after she caught you and your sink plug together.
Yarmulke: I have a PLAN!
Bouncer: Does this involve the usual plan of me lying ever-so-cutely outside the door and you hiding at the bottom of the stairs or in the laundry basket and then dashing in the moment she opens the door?
Yarmulke: Yes.
Bouncer: Well, she's in the shower now, so let's assume our positions.
Ade: La de da, all clean and semi-awake, I'm rockin' this towel... [opens door]
Yarmulke: NOW! [spring into action!]
Ade: Hey! Get outta there!
Bouncer: Into the bathtub!
Ade: Ok, you two, you're coming with me. [Picks them up]
Yarmulke: Noooooo! Waugh, my sink plug! Once again, my plan is foiled and we are cruelly separated!
Bouncer: Aww man, but used shower water is the most delicious thing ever!
Yarmulke: Abort mission! Attack! [rakes Ade's arm]
Ade: Ow, my arm! Oh no, my towel is falling off! [sets kittens down]
Y+B: Gah, our eyes! Quick, run away before she blinds us!
Ade: [adjusts towel] Oh, you little monsters...
Yarmulke: One day... One day, we will be together, my sweet love. [narrows eyes] SOON.

The end.

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