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Following the trend of posting particularly interesting "Tiny Adventures" snippets, I'm beginning to realize that my heroine is kind of a skank...

Squidbert found a small village up on the top of a mountain. She thought it was only a legend, but it is true -- the Village of Infinite Vision! After stopping in and having a small bite to eat at the village's tavern, Squidbert was settling her bill. The barkeep, an attractive young dwarven man, caught Squidbert's eye -- maybe he could tell Squidbert why the village has such a strange name.
Squidbert made a Charisma check with a difficulty of 16 . . . and rolled 17
"Why is this place called the Village of Infinite Vision," the barkeep responded with a hearty laugh. "Because you can see everything from up here." Squidbert laughed along with the joke. "Wait, that's it? You can see everything?" "Yes, including your inner beauty." Squidbert paused for a moment and considered continuing on her journey -- after some additional time in the tavern.
Squidbert gets +3 Charisma for 3 encounters.
Squidbert received 120 XP.

I got that one twice. Evidently she loves going back for some hot interspecies elf-on-dwarf lovin'.

At the end of a sloped hallway was a poorly lit chamber. A few small windows let light in through partially occluded glass. Half the floor was a pool of water, the light playing across the rippling surface. A young man bathing in the pool noticed Squidbert as she entered the room.

Encounter 14: Final Encounter
The man beckoned Squidbert into the pool and, as he did so, it became quite apparent what might take place there between them. It was equally apparent that this man was using his charms to get the better of Squidbert but she was going to turn the tables on this suave seducer.
Squidbert made a Charisma check with a difficulty of 17 . . . and rolled 24
A battle of charms ensued, with winks, flirting, careful placement of hands, and whispered words. Squidbert easily bested the charmer in this contest and came out of the situation with more treasure and better memories than she had gone in with.
Squidbert received 283 XP and 194 gold.
Squidbert received a Staff of Corrosion.

Hmmm, if you're going to take a trophy from a sexy adventure, I'm not sure that a "Staff of Corrosion" would be the best thing. For one thing... eww. For another thing, you're going to have to hide that when showing off your trophy collection to family and friends. For another another thing, I hope you were wearing your +1 Belt of STD/Pregnancy Protection in that pool, young lady...

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