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Among my dreams last night, in one I was a necromancer. I could bring people back to life by doing somethingorother with various runes (the runes used in Runescape, of course) and different colors of thread. I was apparently finding out that friends I hadn't seen in years were dying, or their boyfriends/husbands were, so I was trying to bring them back to life. I had apparently written a bestseller about what would happen if I brought every person who had ever died back to life (I could resurrect more than one person at a time) and how it would basically result in a zombiepocalypse (even though I could resurrect the freshly-dead with no zombie tendencies). So I was coming out with a much-anticipated sequel about dead people, and for the cover, I was going to draw a picture of someone's foot with one of those body tags on it. I had recently resurrected a friend's boyfriend (who I've never actually met, so this was a dream interpretation of him), so I was trying to get him to lie down and relax his foot so I could either photograph or draw it. There was going to be some huge ceremony for the release of this book, so I was trying to keep its cover a secret. I was also writing the book under a pseudonym and keeping my identity secret (I'm the Hannah Montana of necromancers). It was pretty awesome. In another, somewhat less-interesting part of the dream, I was standing outside either a church or school (or both), and there was this tree with a lot of carvings in it. There were dozens of carvings of hands in various positions just sticking out of the tree (they were sculptural carvings, and I wondered how the artist managed it). It was just one amazing tree, but I guess I can't really describe the imagery very well. Ah well.

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