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I had a semi-epic dream a few nights ago, where I went to a knitting store and picked up somebody else's project. They were knitting a pair of socks, but only some of the yarn had been spun, so I was spinning more of it. I hoped they wouldn't mind that I was working on their project (something I'd never do in reality - working on someone else's creative project without permission is like molesting their child). Then this evil-looking gnome came out of the shadows and threw something at me. But then he turned into a man with dark hair, and we sat down and talked. It was apparently his knitting project, but he didn't mind, because he needed 400 socks for somethingorother. We talked about dwarves, and I said I'd never seen the "hi ho" kind of dwarf before (I sang it a little, and he seemed amused), but I'd seen the human kind with the medical dwarfism.

I guess I went back to his gnome-world with him to meet his family. I was on some type of quest to save the world. He turned out to be a dwarf himself (medically) and was rather chubby. I walked up to their house, and his wife was slumped against the side of it. Her skin was pale white, she had long strawberry-blond hair, and wore a white dress. She was very beautiful, but she was covered in tiny cuts (that slowly disappeared) and looked almost dead. She was unconscious, and milk was dripping from her mouth. Apparently, some drunken gnomes had done this to her. So then I saw things from her perspective. She/I woke and stood up, feeling very dizzy and sick. She/I walked into the house and went upstairs, into the hall bathroom. Her son was in there, doing chin-ups on some bar that was there. He looked about 15, had wavy blond hair and was shirtless, and he sort of looked like the boy in "The Blue Lagoon." He yelled at her/me to get out, but then she/I just vomited, either into the toilet or bathtub, I don't remember. She/I was still very sick, probably from being poisoned. She/I walked into the master bedroom, and then I was back to seeing things from my own perspective. The gnome man came out of the master bathroom, but he had changed. He was no longer a dwarf, and he was physically fit. His hair had turned silvery-white, but he was very handsome and was very happy about his transformation.

The gnome's daughter wasn't in much of the dream, but she looked about 13, had long golden brown hair, and sort of looked like a slightly older version of this girl I've seen in a few commercials. Apparently I had saved the world somehow, and in order to sort of flip dimensions, all I had to do was swing on a low-hanging branch of a tree somewhere. But the strongest image of that dream was seeing the gnome's wife slumped against the house, milk dripping from her mouth. It was very surreal.

It was a decent weekend. Nick came to visit, and we went to the conservatory and hung out with Jen and Brian and stuff. And I have delicious leftovers to look forward to, yay.

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