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I just went to the basement to feed the rats and noticed that Jiraiya died. When I opened the basement door and started walking down, I kind of had the feeling I'd find him dead. He was about two years old, so I'm not really surprised. I wasn't very attached to him, though.

I got him in December 2006, when I was looking for a cagemate for Squeekers. He was a lone rat at that pet store near Mad Mex (I don't like that pet store much, especially since they sell puppies there, and adoption is better and puppy mills suck and yada yada yada), and I was with Sarah and Atilla and decided to get him. While we were sitting in my mom's basement debating names and moving on to geeky anime names, he tried to crawl up Sarah's shirt, and we looked at each other and said "Jiraiya!"

In addition to being a pervert, he was also a real hermit. He didn't like other rats. He was kind of a bully. He tolerated Squeekers for the few months they were together, but when I tried to put him with Alton and Emeril, he kept beating them up and terrified the hell out of them, so he remained a lone rat. He clearly wasn't socialized as a baby, so he wanted to be left alone all the time (unless I brought food). He was tolerant of me, at least, but rarely friendly.

I guess I'll bury him tomorrow afternoon. Ah, my first pet funeral at this house. So Emeril is my last rat. I'm not having any more rats, mainly because of my allergies. Well, I've had 7 rats in the last 4 years. That's enough for me. sdddvggggggb (Bouncer says I should stick to cats from now on.)

Farewell, little Ero-sennin.


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