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Hoo boy, that was a busy weekend.

I picked up Megan at the airport Friday night. We were BETRAYED by King's (both of them!), for they closed earlier than we thought, so we had to go to Denny's instead. Ah well, at least it was better than I expected, and the late-night crowd there was only slightly questionable.

After some really last-minute errands, we went to Sarah and Atilla's wedding on Saturday. It was a lot of fun. I know Sarah had been stressing like crazy over the planning, but the decorations and stuff were just beautiful (I'm really not a fan of pink color schemes, but that's just me, and it was beautiful despite that). And they had these little heart-shaped tins with m&ms with their names and stuff on them, that was really cute. At the reception, we sat with Atilla's parents and high school friends, so everyone else at our table was speaking Turkish except when talking to us. (Megan thinks Sarah purposefully sat us away from her college friends so we wouldn't tell them embarrassing stories, and she's probably right.) Actually, Megan and I were some of the only non-Chinese/Turkish people there, which was interesting. But the food was decent, I actually didn't mind the champagne (the last time I had tried champagne, I thought it was awful, but this stuff was actually tolerable, even for my palate), and the music was mostly good. No Hanson though, hehe. I was very good and didn't tell too many junior high stories.

So, another friend is married now (I'm ooooooold). But I'm happy for Sarah and Atilla. They're so different, but they're so good for each other, and they make it work. Yay! We'll see if they actually wait until 2010 to have their first child (and by "they," I mean Sarah), hahaha. I give it a year. :D

On Sunday, Megan and I had brunch with her sister before she went off to the airport. I owe her an Indiana visit at some point... when I have time, I guess. I owe so many people visits. Curse you all for living out of state...

In other news, Laura and I decided to start going to a different restaurant every Monday. We're trying to go to a lot of places we've never been (mostly around Murrysville/Monroeville and the surrounding area) and try things we don't normally get. (I'm very guilty of always going to the same restaurants and ordering the same things, because I'm such a creature of habit.) And it will make us get out of the house and be social and stuff. I'm going to be writing about our adventures.

Yesterday we went to the Asian Cafe (a new place in Murrysville in that strip mall between Panera and Atria's) and then the Marble Slab. It was my second time going to each place, and I like them both. The Asian Cafe is a new Chinese/Thai fusion place, with only a few tables. The lady behind the counter is very friendly and energetic, even though she's a bit hard to understand. They have some interesting New Year's decorations on the walls and a bunch of multicolored masks. The food is mostly Chinese, but there's also some Thai fare. The first time I went, I had pad thai, which was a bit different from other pad thai I've had (it was sweeter, mostly) but very good. This time, I had penang curry tofu, which I also enjoyed. They cut the tofu into triangles, and it was nice and crispy on the outside. It was just the right level of spiciness for me. I definitely like that restaurant and will be returning in the future.

The Marble Slab is a particularly interesting ice cream place, because you can get stuff mixed into your ice cream. It's kinda expensive, but fun every once in a while. I got pumpkin ice cream with some Heath bar bits mixed in (not a bad combo, actually). It was very pumpkin-y. In a good way. It made me happy.

So that was our first adventure. Stay tuned next week for... whatever we end up doing. I think we're supposed to go to an Italian place in Delmont or something, I forget. Anyone have any cool suggestions for restaurants in the east Allegheny/west Westmoreland county area?

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