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Things I intend to do this weekend:
- move stuff out of the garage so I can actually park my car in there
- clean the dead leaves and swamp water off the deflated pool and drag it inside
- mow the lawn
- make the annual pilgrimage to Schramm's and pick out the next Cyclor
- figure out what kind of paint I want in the kitchen and bathroom
- fix the water tube that goes to the fridge (the water valve has been shut off since it broke and leaked everywhere, and that was in late June...)
- figure out my Halloween costume
- go grocery shopping

Things I'll probably end up doing this weekend:
- play video games 75% of the time
- not eat
- wander around the pumpkin fields at Schramm's for at least an hour, interviewing pumpkins for their Cyclor potential (Tell me, how often do you practice cannibalism? And how do you feel about kittens?), before finally grabbing one (plus a few smaller ones, for minions/food)
- probably pick out more ungodly bright colors to burn the retinas of everyone who enters my house

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