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Writer's Block: Confidential

Prying eyes are everywhere, from pesky younger siblings to the Patriot Act. What steps do you take to protect your privacy, on or offline?

I generally avoid telling people things. I live alone. Almost all my passwords are in 1337 (there are several different ones I use for various things). My mailbox is on my front porch, and I check it every day (usually soon after it's delivered, since I go home for lunch most of the time). I make posts "friends only" if I don't want the general public reading them. I almost never accept friend requests from people I've never met. I'm pretty secretive, even with things I don't need to be secretive about. I don't have many actual secrets, but I like to keep them to myself. Living alone is wonderful, because I can do whatever I want and not worry about privacy. Although I get a little weirded out if my cats walk in when I'm getting dressed (they also like to attack my clothing, which can be painful if I'm wearing it). But I've developed the terrible habit of leaving questionable things lying around instead of hiding them, so whenever people come over, I have to go around making sure I haven't left dirty underwear on the bathroom floor, gay porn on the coffee table, dismembered corpses in the kitchen, etc.
Tags: online security, privacy, writer's block

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