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hehehe lookie what i found in my files! 6th grade, baby! guess which one i am!

Which Tori Amos album are you?

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Ooh, my 2nd favorite Tori album! Well, actually, now it's in a tie for 2nd place with Scarlet's Walk. I like Little Earthquakes best though.

Which Tori Amos Album Era Are You?

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Which Tori Amos Song Are You?

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Ooh, "Silent All These Years" is one of my favorites! And it's definitely an Ade song.

i finished that psych study thing. skip this paragraph if you happen to be taking the 3-part study and haven't finished yet. well, the part that really got me was when they asked how "God" influenced different events in my life, how religious i am, etc. i was kind of annoyed by that. i was wondering if they were just assuming everyone was christian or measuring religion in people with various emotional health levels or something. at the very end, they asked for age, gender, and religious affiliation. so i felt better about that. i guess they just decided to use the generic "God" for the big omnipotent entity that almost all religions revolve around. it works. there's a God in my religion. and a Goddess. but they're part of the one big spiritual being that encompasses everything and everyone and takes care of us and everything. yay.

wow, my keyboard is really dusty. everything here is dusty. ahhhhh tomorrow i'll have to clean the place, especially if my parents decide to come get me and take me home this weekend.

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