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Wooo, Halloween!

So, today is Cyclor's 5th birthday. It's hard to believe that it's been 5 years since Ben and I carved the first Cyclor. Soon he'll be getting ready for kindergarten and will promptly be expelled for devouring his classmates. *sigh* Baby's growing up! Well, luckily for Cyclor, I have two kittens to help me resurrect him this year (and by "help," I mean "I'm going to shut them in the guest room so they don't try to pounce on Cyclor while he's being carved, because that could end horribly."), and everyone knows Cyclor loves kittens!

My costume is made of fail though. I decided to be cheap and go as Charmander, so I knit a tail and pinned it to the back of my red footie pajamas. This wasn't a good idea, because a) it was tricky to pin it right, b) the kittens were attacking it, and c) now I basically have a cat toy dangling from my butt, and this can only lead to pain. Also, I work with middle-aged women who know next to nothing about Pokemon, so my nerdery goes unappreciated. Maybe the trick-or-treaters will at least recognize it. I mean, my tail isn't on fire, but the red and orange fringe on the end... doesn't really look like fire either. Hmmm.

On the plus side, wearing pajamas to work is fun.

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