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Writer's Block: A Conspiracy of Beards

November is National Beard Month. Muttonchops, Van Dyke, goatee, soul patch, ZZ Top–style—tell us about your own wild and woolly facial fuzz. Even better, post a picture.

Sadly, the only furry growth on my chin is mere peachfuzz. Damn my lack of a Y chromosome! If I was capable of it, I would totally have a fabulous beard. I would probably braid it too. Curses!

Also, since half of these "writer's block" prompts seem to be related to "[Month] is [random concept] month," I declare that November is National Give Ade Five Bucks Month. Just think, if we all pitch in, maybe I can have my kittens spayed and still pay the mortgage on time! It's for the kittens, folks! THINK OF THE KITTENS!
Tags: beards, facial hair, national beard month, writer's block

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