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Weekend over, back to work. Blah.

It was a fun weekend, anyway, I drove down to Virginia for Ben's "birthday" (his fake birthday, not his DMV birthday, because that joke never gets old, unlike Ben), and that was cool. He has awesome friends and an awesome dog. I also got to see Emily, who I hadn't seen in like 4 1/2 years, so that was a bonus.

Does anyone possess a shrink ray that's safe to use on kittens? Yarmulke and Bouncer are getting biiiiig. It feels weird when they pile up on me at night. But not as weird as when they decide to wrestle at 5 am and jump on my face.

I think I might be developing an intolerance for lactose, or at least certain dairy products. Also, I had to go to the dentist today. Boo.

I also keep discovering trashier and trashier reality shows all the time. Apparently Daisy from Rock of Love is searching for contestants for a new show. Because, yanno, the only thing worse than being an emotional train wreck is dating one.

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