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Writer's Block: Department of Stereotypes

One of the most popular gender stereotypes is that women ask for directions while men would rather be lost than ask for help. In your personal experience, does this stereotype hold true?

Well, maybe this just says something about me, and/or the people I hang out with, but in my case it seems to be the complete opposite.

I don't ask for directions. I just miss turns all the time and go where I think I'm supposed to go until I find the place I'm looking for. Meanwhile, several of my guy friends have called me on the way to/from my house because they were either lost or very prone to getting lost, and I've given them directions or hunted for directions on mapquest. Take last night for example. About 10 minutes after he left my house, Andy called and said he made it back onto the turnpike, but then he got lost on Route 8, and I sat there on mapquest for at least half an hour...

See, my friends and I totally defy stereotypes. We also all need GPSs, because none of us have any sense of direction.
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