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my dad is funny.

ade: on the way back home, can we stop at grove city?
dad: why, are you going to pick up a boy?
ade: not a boy...
dad: you're going to pick up a GIRL?!
ade: actually, yeah. laura.
dad: oh, laura, eh? so the truth comes out!
ade: yeah, "comes out." i'm gonna go pick up chicks at grove city!
dad: i thought that was my job!

for those of you who don't know laura, she'd be a nun if presbyterian convents existed. also, grove city is super conservative, and i have the feeling that if i go there, i'll get the evil eye a lot. silly people... i can deal with christians if they can deal with me.

i'm going home for the weekend! yay! i'll have to really clean my room then. today we made a lot of progress on the mannequin jelly bean rain installation. this evening, dave helped ally and me make a base for the mannequin to stand on, and it works pretty well. so now she's standing among the rain in her undies. some bastard taped scissors to her hand, and when i took the tape off it peeled some of the paint off her hand! i was furious and ready to kill someone. inconsiderate jerk. leave my mannequin alone!

well, time for me to put the sheets on my bed, do some homework, *cough*playcomputergames*cough*, and go to bed. night!

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