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One of the benefits of having a dad that works at CMU is free tickets to "Into the Woods." We got Indian food and watched the musical, and I am happy. As many of you know, I'm absolutely batshit about "Into the Woods," so I was really excited to see it again. Yay!

The wolf had a PENIS. And he kept flaunting it around, and I was thinking "Oh God, it's a furry. KILL IT!" But it was amusing. And Milky-White leapt into the sky at the end. And it was wonderfully done too, with some cool effects.

I think "Into the Woods" is one of the defining musicals of my life. For everything I go through, it seems like there's a corresponding song or character. And I like how the characters are very "real," not just archetypes yanked from random stories and thrown together. Nobody is entirely "good" or "bad," and "happily ever after" doesn't last forever. The characters who are the "good" guys also lie, cheat, and steal. They screw up, but it doesn't make them "bad." They learn from their mistakes, work to solve them, and get on with their lives. Or... get killed. But no matter how bad things get, there's always hope, and there's always a way to make things ok again. And there's singing and dancing, which makes everything infinitely more awesome.
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