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So before I forget again, I need to post about Restaurant Adventures (not a real title, but it sort of works). So Laura and I have been meeting on Mondays to go out to dinner at places we've never been, or places that look good, or little hole-in-the-wall places, and so forth. Last week, we went to this pizza/pasta place in Delmont. I forget the name, but it's on 22 right next to the Beer Barn. It had a green ceiling. We had pierogi pizza (which was decent) and breaded mushrooms, and Laura got a veggie calzone that was as big as her head. The food was pretty good, and super cheap. I liked it, and I'll probably be back at some point.

This week, we went to McDade's, which is on 286 in Plum. They have mostly German-ish food there. I scanned the menu, looking for vegetarian things, with no luck. So I had chicken with veggies and rice, and a side of chicken noodle soup. It was ok, I guess. Laura was happy. Apparently they have ginormous chicken wings there, so she got some to go. It was nice and fairly quiet in there though, and most of the patrons seemed to be middle aged to elderly. I thought it was all right, but I don't know if I'd go back, simply because I tend to get vegetarian things 80% of the time I go out to eat. Also, I'm not entirely sure if my sudden feeling of "remember to buy some Pepto Bismol next time you go shopping" was from dinner or lunch, but I'd have to repeat the experiment to find out.

I also managed to clear enough stuff out of the garage that I can park in there and close the door, with just enough room to open the car door. Yay! Wow, I have an actual garage now. Less clearing snow off my car, woooo! It's going to be a little weird coming in through the basement, though. It's filled with the crap I hauled out of the garage, and it smells like Basement With a Hint of Rat Cage. Oh well. Things can always be cleaned up down there. (That's what she said!)

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