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i'm going home tonight, i'll be back on sunday. woohoo dilly!

so i was just reading email and found this spam in my inbox, yet it amused me. i bet it's one of those generic spam emails that someone in azerbaijan or some other country writes. but the whole email just amused me. out of curiosity i went to the web site, and it was one of those generic porn sites despite the "personalized" email. hahaha...

here's the email with my comments in brackets:

Madame [as in "madame ade," i guess they were using one of those personalized program thingies], let me introduce for you our new galleries [engrish, anyone?].

Hey there it has been a little while now [really? i've never met you before, even though i doubt you exist...]. Its Francheska what have you been up
to [which francheska?]. I have been so busy lately working on my new site [riiiiiight...]. I just had my programmer
redesign my site [you've been so busy lately working on having your programmer redesign your site?]. I wanted to let you know that I had to move it to
[where was it in the first place?]
...Anyway I am online all the time come see me and we can chat.... [why would i want to talk to an online porn star with a generic website who probably doesn't exist?] I have a drip running down my leg already thinking about you. :) [um, maybe you should go to the bathroom...]

Kisses, [hey, no touchy!]

If you don`t want to be in my friend book just [thanks]

silly people...

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