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Here's a guide for those of you who are on a present-giving basis with me and are wondering "gee, what does Ade want?" Well, those of you who know me well know I like all sorts of random stuff.

Stuff I'd like:
- a GPS (I asked my mom for one)
- an ipod touch (I developed a bit of a crush on my sister's ipod touch, and I want one, but I don't think anyone will buy it for me)
- a laptop that doesn't suck monkey balls (again, I don't think anyone will buy me one)

General stuff I don't mind getting (including cheap stuff):
- Giant Eagle gift cards (yay for free food!)
- pet store gift cards (so I feel less guilty spoiling my cats)
- funky socks (as long as they're not toe socks or the ones that only come up to the ankle)
- Bollywood movies and soundtracks (if you have an Indian store nearby, you'll find that these DVDs and CDs are cheap, and the Engrish plot descriptions on the DVD cases will make you say "WTF?!?!?!")

Stuff you should NOT get me:
- clothing, unless it's funky socks (see above) or an amusing t-shirt (just remember I like my shirts big and loose, and avoid those girly sizes/cuts)
- lotions, body spray, and whatever other crap they sell at Bath and Body Works. No, really. I never use anything on my skin except bath and hand soap, because I hate the way lotiony things feel, and I hate those really strong-smelling things. No bath/beauty products, please, unless you can find those bars of soap that have little toys in them. They're fun.
- anything pink, unless it has an acceptable reason for being pink (like something pig-related, or raspberry-flavored)
- anything Christmasy, because I utterly despise the holiday season and almost everything about it, except for candy canes and a day off work

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