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I had another high school dream last night. I still get those, even though I graduated 7 1/2 years ago (I'm so oooooold). For some reason, the high school looked different (familiar places often look different in my dreams). It was my first day of school (most of my high school dreams seem to deal with that), and I got off the bus. For some reason, I was wearing my salwar kameez, with my comforter wrapped around me like a big puffy toga. There were all these Indian people there, and as I walked towards the school, some girl came up and started harassing me about my outfit. I started laughing and said I was wearing my comforter, so I took it off, and she left me alone when she saw the salwar kameez. I walked around outside, wondering which door to enter. I looked inside and saw all these people I didn't know, so I finally picked a random door and went in. I met up with Colin and Daragh, and we started walking around. For some reason, we were in the "Indian" part of the building (what was with all the Indians?), and we were trying to find a way to get to the main part of the building before classes started. But then I realized we were walking in circles.

I finally got to my locker, and Sarah and a bunch of girls I graduated with were there. We supposedly had the same lockers and locker combinations as the previous year, only I couldn't remember mine. So I just took my backpack to my class, which was on mythology or something (cool!). The seats were kind of set up in a weird angular formation around the edges of the room, and I was walking around, looking for a seat. But they were all taken, or people had left their stuff at the desks, so I wasn't sure where to sit. But the teacher (who kind of resembled the drama teacher in "High School Musical") seemed to like me, so I eventually found a seat. Then I realized I was wearing my big manly cargo pants, only I had apparently painted words on them in yellow paint, and there were some random stick figure drawings.

In another dream, I was walking alone in a field-ish area by some woods. I was looking for a nearby pond, I think. This random guy and his son (who was probably 8 or 9) stopped me, and the guy started asking me all sorts of questions. I was getting kind of creeped out, so I politely said I had to go and backed away. But then the guy pulled out a gun (he was apparently a police officer) and told me I had to buy something from his son, who was selling food for boy scouts or something. I told him he didn't have to hold me at gunpoint, since I would have bought something if he had just asked, but for some reason, the guy was intent on threatening me into buying boy scout food (way to set an example for your son). So I started flipping through the food catalog, and the kid started playing with the gun, just rolling it around. I got really antsy and asked him not to point it at me. I couldn't wait to go tell people that some guy held me at gunpoint just to get me to buy food from his kid.

My unconscious is weird...

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