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Whenever crazy stuff happens, it all happens at once.

My furnace shut off at some point on Wednesday. So my dad came over to look at it after work yesterday. Meanwhile, my mom was coming over to help clear out my kitchen, since the painter guy is stripping wallpaper and painting in there (and the bathroom, and eventually the dining room) today and tomorrow. My dad couldn't figure out what the problem was, so we called the home warranty people. I brought the kitties over to his place and stayed there last night. Meanwhile, I also had to bake cookies to bring to the office today, so I was up baking last night (not that my dad minded me baking cookies or anything...). So today, the painter is over stripping wallpaper, and I feel bad because my house is like 45-50 degrees, which is unpleasant. The furnace guy came over and said the circuit board was fried, and replacing it would probably do the trick, but he has to get authorization with the warranty company, and he's not entirely certain they'll have the right board since my furnace is rather uncommon and bla bla bla. There's a chance it could get fixed today, which would be splendid, but I somehow doubt that will happen. Weeeeeee! At least I got to have Indian food last night, and that makes everything almost ok.

Also, here's a good way to really freak out your dad. When saying you're bringing your kittens over, refer to it as "going to visit Grandpa." Muhahahahahahahahaaaaaa. (On the other hand, my mom loves being a kitten "Grandma.")

The girls are generally good when visiting other houses, but when they discovered Nicky (my dad's bird), they started harassing him/her/it. At one point, Bouncer had this tiny little green feather stuck to her chin. It was kind of adorable, even though she was being naughty. Oh, those crazy felines...

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