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New Homeowner Lesson #3745: Home warranties may save you some money, but if you want a problem fixed quickly, without waiting on hold forever, making a dozen phone calls when you hate talking on the phone, or worrying that your pipes will freeze, just skip the warranty and call the service people yourself.

Someone came to look at the furnace on Friday morning and said I needed a new circuit board, since the old one was fried. He said he had to call the warranty company since they had to authorize it, and they were supposed to call me back about the status of the replacement part. No call. So I finally got hold of them today, and after being on hold and being transferred several times, I learned that the replacement part was on back order and wouldn't be available until January. Screw that! So I told them I'd have someone else fix it, and they said they could send me a check for the repairs and such. The painters' furnace broke last night, so they had someone fix theirs today, and their repair person is supposed to come over to my house at some point today, and I would REALLY like to have heat in my house tonight, so I don't have to invade my dad's house any longer. Plus, I'm worried about the pipes freezing, because apparently that can lead to all hell breaking loose.

Screw you, home warranty. I'm not renewing you when you expire in April.

Ranty rant rant. Grarrrrrr.

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