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Well, crap. You'd think that the number one rule of being a good house guest is DON'T EAT THE RESIDENTS, but noooooo, I guess SOME creatures think it's perfectly ok.

I got out of work early since I didn't have much to do, so I went back to my dad's house. A little while ago, I went down to the kitchen to get something to eat. My dad had been putting a strainer over the top of the fish bowl to keep the cats away from Gill, but the strainer was off. Then I noticed the fake seaweed was missing. Then I noticed Gill was missing.

I found the seaweed and some pebbles on the ground, but I couldn't find Gill anywhere. He must be in the belly of the beast(s). Boy, are Yarmulke and Bouncer in big trouble now. I don't know which one of them (or both) did it, but they're both locked in the bathroom with their litter box for now. Bad, bad kitties!

Jeez, my dad tries to do something nice and takes us in while my furnace is broken, and they repay him by devouring his pet. *shakes head*

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