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And now, a dramatization of the weekend so far.

Ade: *sniff* Urgh... I don't wanna go to work... oh well. At least it's almost the weekend, and I can sleep most of the day and finally do my laundry and put away all the crap in my living room.
Coworkers: Hey Ade! Guess what! The Tech Specs came back with changes, and since we know they're your favorite thing ever, here you go!
Ade: Argh! I blow my nose at you, Tech Specs! I hope you get my cold and die!
Coworkers: By the way, we're all working tomorrow, and that includes you.
Ade: ...
Coworkers: See you tomorrow morning!
Ade: Nooooo! Not coming in the morning! Sleep is my one true love.

[Today, around 3:30 pm]
Ade: Hi, coworkers.
Coworkers: You look slightly less plague-infested!
Ade: Ohhhhhyeah, I was doing sleep allllll night long.
Coworkers: Now sit here and pretend to listen while we debate lots of miniscule details on the phone with people in other offices.
Ade: I love spinny chairs! Spin spin spin... [At one point, I did get really antsy and spent several minutes spinning in circles. Nobody cared.]
Coworkers: So... we should eat dinner or something.
Coworkers: We agree!
Ade: YAY!
One Coworker: Don't worry about paying for it.
People reading Ade's LJ: WTF, ADE?!?!?!

[For the record, no, I'm not medicated, unless you count the two cups of tea I had. Yes, I'm slightly more delirious than usual. And I'm officially wearing my last pair of clean socks, so I'd better get crackin' on laundry once I get outta here...]

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