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Whenever I make New Years resolutions, I tend to break them. But if I set non-yearly goals for myself, I'm slightly more likely to accomplish them, right? ...Maybe.

So. Here are some general goals I have:

1. Work on my damned novel already. I have like half of it written. I just need to fill in the gaping spots and edit the thing into submission. And then I can start sending it to agents and paper my walls with rejection slips.

2. Be slightly less vegetable-ish. As in, "get some exercise, you lazy fatty!" But realistically, there are very few physical activities I consider fun enough to do on a regular basis. Maybe I should get a trampoline. Those are fun. Andy has been bugging me to play DDR too.

3. Be less of a slob. I've made some pretty drastic improvements in the last year, but I still have a lot of improving to do.

4. Get all my Runescape skill levels to at least 70 in the next few months and get a dragon chainbody. Yes, I'm a total nerdface, but this I will totally accomplish, because right now, I only have like 6 skills in the 64-69 range, and dragon chainbodies keep dropping in price. Which brings me to...

5. Go outside once in a while. I have a yard. I need to do occasional yardwork (or at least pay one of my manservants to do it). I planted about 130 bulbs a few months ago, so hopefully the front flower bed will look fabulous once spring rolls around.

6. Cook stuff once in a while, even if it's just for me. Remember: spaghetti is quick, easy, delicious, and cheap! (Just like your mom.)

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