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I've fallen behind on my reviews for the restaurants Laura and I have been visiting, so here are reviews from the past few weeks.

1. Evergreen/Super Deluxe China Buffet/City Buffet/place next to Hooter's in Monroeville/whatever the name actually is
Chinese buffet restaurants are an interesting breed. They come in all shades of mediocre, with a few really good (or really bad) ones here and there. I have to say, this is one of the better ones. It's nice and big, reasonably-priced, and the food is pretty good. I wouldn't call it amazing, but I like it better than the other Chinese buffets in the area. Also, they have sushi, and it was enjoyable. And it wasn't like they just brought out trays of sushi, there was a sushi bar with a guy making it right there and a decent variety. I'll probably go there again sometime.

2. Pittza Rella, on Northern Pike in Monroeville (within walking distance from my house)
This is a nice little pizza place (they have lots of other stuff too, like hoagies, wings, appetizers, pasta, calzones, etc.) with a unique menu and friendly, helpful staff. We got a Meditterranean pizza and some crab cakes. The pizza was pretty awesome. They have some interesting specialty pizzas on their menu too, like Al Capone (I wonder if you don't pay taxes on it) and Jesse James. I'll definitely go there again, since they're so close (I'll probably walk there when it's warmer out) and the food is tasty.

3. Five Guys Burgers and Fries (the new one in Murrysville, by Panera)
First of all, yes, they do have vegetarian options. Their menu is pretty small (basically burgers, hot dogs, and fries), but they have grilled cheese and a "veggie," whatever that is, so if your carnivorous friends say "WE WANT MEAT," you won't feel left out (they use peanut oil, so no worries unless you have a nut allergy). They also have a plethora of toppings (all included in the price of whatever you get). I had a grilled cheese (with mushrooms) and fries. The grilled cheese was ok (it was round!), and the fries were wonderful. Nice, thick, and potato-ey. One word of caution, though. They give you a crapload of fries, so a "regular" could feed 2-3 people. I ordered the "regular" fries, and they basically filled a styrofoam cup with fries and dumped another cup's worth in the bag. I bet the large size could feed 4 or 5 people. So if you're with a friend and want fries, you should both split an order. Laura got a burger and was happy with it too. Yay! I'm curious what their "veggie" is like, so I'll probably be back to try it sometime.

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