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I'm bored. Have a meme.

- Available: yes, and I'm not interested in being "taken"
- Age: 25 years, 7 months, 27 days, and 14 hours old
- Animal: I don't know... I like elephants, octopi, pigs, monkeys, platypi, pandas, etc.

- Beer: eww
- Birthday: 5/18/83
- Best feeling in world: I like standing in the shower, feeling the hot water beat against my back. It's delightful.
- Blind or Deaf: neither, but if I absolutely had to choose, deaf (my ears are a little wonky anyway)
- Best weather: thunderstorm! (as long as I'm not driving)
- Been in Love: meh
- Been on stage: a few times, but not recently
- Believe in Magic: to some extent
- Believe in Santa: nah

- Candy: Heath bars or Snickers
- Color: rainbow
- Chocolate/Vanilla: vanilla
- Chinese/Mexican: oh boy... how can I choose between two of my great loves? Although we all know Indian is my one true love and Chinese and Mexican are more friends-with-benefits... oy, I can't decide!
- Cake or pie: PIE
- Continent to visit: I haven't visited enough continents yet... I'd like to go to Asia (specifically India) for my next international excursion, though
- Cheese: Pecorino Romano

- Day or Night: night
- Dance in the rain: if only I could dance...

- Eyes: gray
- Everyone has: a belly button (except Kyle XY)
- Ever failed a class?: I think I failed Spanish in like 6th grade because I didn't do my homework

- Full name: if I told you, I'd have to kill you (well, maybe not, but I'm still not posting it)
- First thoughts waking up: Aww man, I have to get up soon... *hits the snooze button half a dozen times* *gets pounced on by cats*
- Food: palak paneer

- Greatest Fear: surgery
- Goals: finish my novel by the time I'm 30
- Get along with your parents: they're ok, since I don't have to live with them
- Good luck charm: I don't have any

- Hair Color: kinda golden brownish
- Height: 4'9"
- Happy: Happy Joy Joy
- Holiday: Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!
- How do you want to die: very quickly, leaving no corpse for anyone to mess with (being vaporized would be ok, I guess)

- Ice Cream: oreo
- Instrument: harpsichord

- Jewelry: I don't wear it
- Job: theoretically a technical editor
- Write a journal: welcome to my blog, woohoo

- Kids: I like 'em but in moderation (I don't think I could handle the whole breeding/raising thing)
- Kickboxing or karate: karate, I guess (it makes better movies)

- Longest Car Ride: I'm not sure, probably trekking along the east coast at some point (we lived in Florida for a couple years, so probably one of the journeys to/from Connecticut, Vermont, or Pennsylvania)
- Love: yourself
- Letter: A
- Laughed so hard you cried: nope

- Movies: Hedwig and the Angry Inch
- Music: Tori Amos, Miley Cyrus, various musical soundtracks
- McD’s or BK: I prefer Wendy's, but McDonald's is better than Burger King, because pretty much everything at Burger King tastes like ass (not that I would know what that tastes like, and I don't want to find out)

- Number of Siblings: currently 1
- Number of Piercings: currently 0
- Number of Tattoos: 0
- Number: 87 1/2

- One wish: independence

- Perfect Pizza: tons of veggies and garlic
- Pepsi/Coke: they're both gross

- Quote: "Goodnight yourself!"

- Reason to cry: chopping onions (though you can avoid it if you chop next to the stove with the back burner on low)
- Reality TV: I've become kind of a junkie for those trashy reality dating shows (the trashier the better), and recently I've been watching A Double Shot at Love. (The twins have horrible taste in guys/girls, too. They ditched all the decent ones too early, and the ones left aren't worth it. Trevor is nice and all, but he seems kind of dumb, Scott is a moronic douchebag, and Rebecca is annoying and has ugly two-toned hair.)
- Radio Station: I don't listen to the radio
- Roll your tongue in a circle: yup

- Song: Tori Amos - Bouncing off Clouds
- Shoe size: 2
- Salad Dressing: the Annie's kind with sea veggies (I haven't had it in years, and it's hard to find)
- Sushi: avocado rolls

- Skipped school: I might have avoided a couple classes in college, but that was it
- Smoked: never!
- Sing well: I sing pretty horribly, but at least I'm on key
- In the shower: no, my main singing place is the car
- Swear: occasionally
- Strawberries/Blueberries: strawberries

- Time for bed: usually around midnight

- Unpredictable: nah, I'm usually really predictable

- Vacation spot: Uncle Jon's house on Drejo (the o has a line through it) is pretty awesome

- Weakness: kittens, social situations
- Which friend acts like you: I have no idea
- Who makes you laugh most: Rose and Uncle Jon make me laugh so hard it hurts, and I have trouble breathing
- Worst feeling: if someone brushes my skin very lightly, it's agonizingly irritating, and I have to scratch it vigorously to make the feeling go away
- Where do we go when we die: usually into the ground
- Worst Weather: really really hot (I tend to turn into a half-melted slug in the sun)

- X-Rays: the last time I had one was over 10 years ago, and they probably x-rayed my wrist when they were trying to determine why I was so short (they tried and failed twice, so no explanation other than "you're just really short")

- Year it is now: 2009
- Yellow: the post-its and pencils on my desk

- Zoo animal: baaaaaaaby elephants!


1. Slept in a bed beside you: I'm not sure, probably Ben
2. You went to the mall with: Laura (we went to a restaurant at the mall, anyway)
3. You went to dinner with: my dad on Tuesday (yay for El Campesino!)
4. You talked to on the phone: my coworker Maureen a couple minutes ago
5. Made you laugh: probably talking to Rose yesterday
6. Hugged you: probably Nick
7. Said they loved you: no idea
8. You spoke with: Maureen (see #4)
9. You cried over: uh...
10. Made you mad: I think the last time I actually got mad at someone was in North Carolina, when Katie was trying to go to bed, and Jesse kept coming in the motor home we were staying in. He wanted to talk to her about something, but she just wanted to sleep, and he wouldn't go away until I stood up and told him to get out, because we both wanted to go to bed. I think he came back later and dragged Katie out of bed though. Argh. So annoying.

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