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So, it's Monday morning. Weeee. Columbus was interesting. My new GPS does its job, which is good. I programmed it to have a British accent, but it sounds more like a creepy British robot (which is kind of amusing). Anyway, I have a new love of Ethiopian food, after trying it for the first time yesterday. I met Rose's friend Sarah who is a lot like me in many ways (which is both awesome and slightly scary). I didn't see my doppelganger at the sex store though, which was disappointing because that was the main reason for going. We did a bunch of stuff and also discovered the most amazing show ever. It's a Mexican game show called Asgaard, and there are two teams basically playing a life-size board game... with a troll, a viking, several fairies, a satyr, a hooded dwarf, and other creatures. Also, High School Musical 3 is insanely homoerotic and faaaaaaaabulous. I think they should make another sequel, called "College Musical," featuring musical numbers like "Drunken Lesbian Experimentation," "Dining Hall Food Poisoning," and "Hey, Did One of You Guys Poop in My Fridge Last Night?"

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