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So, it's apparently Blog for Choice Day. Even though I've never been pregnant (and probably never will be), I'm glad I have a choice about whether or not I would want to continue a pregnancy. Also, hooray for birth control! Even though it's not something I need, I'm very glad it exists. When used properly, it almost eliminates the need for abortions, aaaaaaaand it keeps the human population from getting even MORE out of control. I'm all for honest sex education. This is what sex is, these are the rewards and consequences, and this is how to keep yourself safe. Not just "don't have sex until you're married," because that doesn't really teach you anything useful, and most kids will just ignore that (I think Bristol Palin is a prime example of how abstinence-only education is made of fail). Sure, teach them that abstinence is the only method of "birth control" that's 100% effective at preventing pregnancy, STDs, and awkward morning-after conversations. Abstinence is awesome. But let them know they have choices. At the very least, encourage them to wait until they're ready, "get to know themselves" if they feel a certain urge, and practice safe sex whether they're married or not. (On a semi-related note, I read that STDs are spreading among the elderly, because they don't use condoms since they're too old to breed. Maybe sex ed shouldn't be just for kids any more...)

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