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25 random things you may or may not know about me

1. I've always been obsessed with mythology. I find theology and various religious beliefs/practices fairly interesting, but I'm more interested in the gods themselves (and mythological creatures too). For example, I'm particularly interested in Ganesha, Loki, and Artemis, to name just a few.

2. I love doing jigsaw puzzles, but I'm very particular about them. I usually only go for the 1000+ piece puzzles, unless they're really, really, cool. If I start a puzzle and do more than half of it, I have to do the entire thing all by myself, and nobody else is allowed to touch it. (Seriously, I will squirm if someone picks up a piece and tries to place it, and once they're out of the room, I will quickly yank the piece out of place and mix it up with the unplaced pieces. I'm that obsessive.) But if I start a puzzle with someone else, or if someone else jumps in when I'm less than halfway finished, it's ok and I can share.

3. I broke my collar bone when I was about 1 1/2. I had been jumping on my parents' bed and apparently jumped/fell off. That didn't stop me from jumping on beds, though. I do love bouncing, and if I had a lot of extra money, I'd totally put a big trampoline in my back yard. (Not under the tree, though, that would be... painful.)

4. Though many females seem afraid of turning into batty old cat ladies, I welcome my fate. What I don't understand is why some women want to be stay-at-home moms so much. I mean, there's nothing wrong with that, but I really don't understand why some women make that their ultimate life goal. It sounds like torture, being stuck with the same person/people all day with very few breaks. Your life basically revolves around the kid(s), and most women seem to lose their identities in the process. Sure, I can understand how it would be rewarding in the long run, but it also sounds like torture. I love being a cat lady. Well, except for cleaning litter boxes.

5. I always walk up stairs on my toes. Sometimes I'll kind of walk on my toes on one foot and bounce a little, because I need the sensation for some reason. (I'm pretty sure that's because of my weird neurological/sensory issues.)

6. I really freaked out my freshman roommate at Allegheny one night, in my sleep. She came back to the room one night and found me sitting up in bed (in the dark), staring at her. She asked if I was ok, but I said nothing. Then she got scared and asked if I was going to hurt her. I apparently let out a really evil laugh and said "no" in a creepy voice. She was so terrified, she called her boyfriend and went to spend the night in his room, because she thought I was going to kill her. She told me about it the next day, and I had no memory of the incident. Of course, I couldn't stop laughing, and when I apologized for scaring her, she said, "it's ok, you're just evil."

7. I heap ridiculous amounts of parmesan (or Pecorino Romano) cheese on things like pasta and popcorn. I know it smells awful, but I love the taste and can't get enough of it.

8. Whenever I pass a mirror, I usually stop and make a goofy face at myself.

9. I generally dislike shopping (especially for clothes), but I have a terrible weakness for craft stores, particularly yarn stores. I often get into trouble and buy way more stuff than I need at craft stores (which is why I now have a craft room, where I can keep my myriads of craft supplies). I especially love yarn stores, because they have a different "feel" to them. They're quieter and more inviting, and the people are calm and nice and don't stare at you (they're often busy knitting). Plus, I'm a yarnaholic and love looking at and touching all the colors and fibers.

10. For my 3rd birthday party (which I shared with my friend Elizabeth), we had this awesome bunny-shaped cake with coconut on it. I still remember it, and if I ever have the opportunity to make a birthday cake for a little girl (or what the heck, a little boy), (s)he's totally getting a coconut bunny cake.

11. I play obscene amounts of tetris on my cell phone.

12. I have a serious hair fixation. When I see someone for the first time, their hair is the first thing I notice. I really like hair that's long or curly (if it's long AND curly, whoahmygosh). I really like to touch it, so I'm constantly running my fingers through my hair. If I know someone well enough, sometimes I'll ask if it's ok if I touch their hair (especially if it's curly). I don't usually touch people, but I don't mind playing with their hair. It's also the main factor in whether I think a person is physically attractive or not. If like someone's hair, they instantly become more attractive even if their looks are otherwise mediocre. I also really like red hair (mostly on females, I think it usually looks weird on males if they have really short hair). The whole hair fixation thing is probably one of the reasons I like animals so much. I like petting the furry ones! (I like the non-furry ones too. Like elephants and octopi.)

13. I love musicals, and I love singing along with their sountracks in the car. My favorites include "Into the Woods," "Little Shop of Horrors," "Hedwig and the Angry Inch," "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," and "Hairspray."

14. I have a vast imaginary universe inside my head. There are so many people (and gods) I've created that exist only inside my head (and sometimes in my stories, when I write them down). For one thing, I love creating my own mythology. I spend way too much time daydreaming and sending my imaginary friends on various adventures. Sometimes, their adventures leave my head and turn into the stories I write, but my stories represent only a tiny fraction of what goes on in my imagination. I used to have my own imaginary adventures, but that sort of faded away, and I thought other people were more interesting to imagine.

15. I don't really like babies. I like kids, once they're potty-trained and can string together a reasonably coherent sentence, but I tend to see babies as little poop/pee/puke/snot/drool factories until they're 2 or 3. Most of the kids I know see me as a fun playmate and walking jungle gym (plus, I give great piggyback rides), and I love goofing around with little kids. But babies are just little balls of disgusting body products with a cute cover.

16. I can't stand the taste or smell of any meat that was once a pig. I just think it tastes/smells repulsive. Plus, I like piggies!

17. The first dream I remember having (I was probably 2 or 3) took place in the basement of the first house I lived in. I walked downstairs and saw a bulbous purple alien with eyestalks sitting in the yellow chair. Another bulbous alien (I think it was green) walked in through the door to the garage and waved to me. Ever since that dream, when I imagine aliens, they look like bulbous purple or green things with eyestalks and skinny little arms and legs.

18. My biggest guilty pleasure is really long, hot showers. I just love the feeling of the hot water beating against my back, and I do a lot of thinking/imagining in there.

19. You usually can't tell how I'm feeling from my body language. If I'm laughing hysterically (from either humor or nervousness), bouncing around excitedly (I do bounce a little when I get excited), or shaking, it's easy to tell, but that's about it. I usually have a "default" expression that looks sort of like a scowl to some people. Sometimes, I'll be in a perfectly good mood, and people who don't know me well will get concerned and ask if I'm ok, because my default expression looks unhappy or something. A lot of people tell me to "smile," too. Well... I can't just do that on command...

20. If I have an interesting dream one night (whether it's good, bad, or just weird), it will affect my mood and thoughts for most of the next day.

21. I can't stand having my picture taken. If you point a camera at me, I will either make a goofy face or holler at you and go hide. If you want pictures of me hamming it up, go ahead, but if you want a "normal" picture of me smiling, you'll have to catch me off-guard with a candid shot. I also can't just smile for the camera, because then it looks really fake (and somewhat deranged). So I almost always look either very disgruntled or very silly in pictures.

22. I tend to develop addictions to certain video games, and there will usually be one or two games at a time that steal most of my free time. I got mediocre grades in college, thanks to Age of Mythology, The Sims, and Runescape. I've always been a little gamer. One of my earliest memories was buying either popcorn or chocolate from a boy scout and then playing games on my dad's computer. (This was back in the mid 1980s, when the computer was hooked up to a TV screen, and data was saved on cassette tapes. There were only like 2 games, and "Moon Rover" is the only one I can remember.)

23. Whenever I'm in a car with other people and we pass an adult store, I have to yell "PORN!" Yes, even when I'm with family members.

24. I'm pretty androgynous and probably act more like a guy. The only "girly" side I have is eternally 6 years old and loves My Little Pony, Hannah Montana, and parading around wearing fairy wings.

25. I don't like coffee. I love the smell of it, and I love coffee ice cream, but I can't stand the beverage unless it has liberal amounts of chocolate mixed in.

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