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My cats have a weird reaction to Dar Williams. I got her new CD yesterday, and it's playing on my laptop now. The girls were climbing all over the laptop, and Yarmulke decided that the corner with the speaker looked particularly delicious, so she gnawed on it (she randomly decided to gnaw on my knee and knuckles too, which was kind of weird, since she's not a biter). Now they're both just sitting next to me on the couch, occasionally climbing on me to request attention. But they were clearly interested in the source of the music for a while there.

After last weekend's adventure, I wanted more delicious Ethiopian food. So I went to Abay, which was awesome. We sat in these little rounded seats at a small, interesting table (they have regular tables too, but this was more authentic) and got a big plate of various goodies. I ordered collard greens with cheese, and I soon realized that I was basically ordering the Ethiopian equivalent of palak paneer. But it was delicious, and I love that tangy pancake-bread (I think it's called "injera" or something like that). Mmmm... so good... I need to learn how to make Ethiopian food. And actually, yanno, cook occasionally.

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