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i should be doing homework, but... *thbbb*
so i had a dream last night where i was going somewhere with a group of people (i forget who, either friends, family, or college students) and this girl in one of my english classes was there. all of a sudden she asked me where she had seen me before (aside from class). then i remembered she had written me a letter when i went to washington a few years ago (wha?). she said she never thought she would see me and it made her depressed, and then she got all emotional and started crying and i felt kind of odd. it was some weird, nonexistent coincidence... then we went to some type of chinese restaurant thing and we had to put on some sort of white sack-thing with straps (all right, now this is getting a little too weird...). i turned to one of my real friends who was there and said, "i should have brought my fencing jacket." she replied, "i should have brought my band jacket!" now she's not in band, so that made it even weirder. i started picking up handfuls of this chunky greenish stuff on the floor (they said it was something like lime poop) and i put it somewhere. i was wandering through this cave alone and came upon this guy in a kitchen. i don't know what i was doing, but i somehow got in there and had to fight him. i don't remember anything else. now that was the stupidest, nonsenseful (it's a word now!) dream i've had lately... *shrug*
well my womens studies anti-weight-prejudice group tripled today (i wanted to do it alone, but oh well...) and now there's a really nice guy (he used to be really fat and got picked on a lot, and he doesn't see why women hate themselves so much) and a fairly quiet girl in my group. i can handle it. i was thinking of doing a web site for the project. we can do it through the school, they'll give us space on the server. i'll probably be doing most of the technical schtuff, since the other two seem computer illiterate. but that's ok, they can do the research :) on with the fight! fat people rock!

and now for something completely different:

Which "Saved By The Bell" Character Are You?

yep, me nerd. me happy nerd.


You devilish little tearaway, you - you require
parental guidance. That means mummy should hold
your hand before you do anything. How cool you are

"Which Movie Classification Are You?"
Test created by Jamie - take it here.

*giggle* no touchy handy! back! i can walk across the street by mys...*whump* bad car! owie! boo boo!

I am Wednesday's Child

What day are you?

is that sad or what? the day i was born predestines me for a life of chronic depression. *sigh*

yep. me go buh-bye now.

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