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I see: the computer screen, the pretty unicorn/curious george stickers on the monitor, and my posters in the background
I need: to manage my time better, more hugs, and food
I find: dirt on the floor
I want: a digital camera, more hugs, and an elevator in the building
I have: my imagination, paper and a pencil, and substance
I wish: people were nice and smart, my nana wasn't dying of lung cancer
I love: my friends, my cat, my extended family, my sweatshirt, and rainbows
I hate: the color pink, mean people, and ratatouille
I miss: my friends, my cat, and my sanity
I fear: vampires, social situations
I feel: hungry, kinda sad, happy, relaxed, and warm. yes, i'm both happy and sad, but for different reasons
I hear: tori amos!
I smell: the heater acting up again
I crave: hugs
I search: because i'm so disorganized
I wonder: how bubble wrap is made
I regret: almost all of junior high

When was the last time you ...

Smiled?: earlier today when people complimented me on my art project
Laughed?: today or yesterday, i don't remember
Cried?: sunday night (my nana is dying)
Bought something?: a bottle of juice yesterday
Danced?: saturday (chairdance in the car!)
Were sarcastic?: probably today
Kissed someone?: i have no idea...
Talked to an ex?: no ex to speak of
Watched your favorite movie?: i watched clips of it a few weeks ago
Had a nightmare?: about a week ago

A Last time for everything ...

Last book you read: norton anthology of brit lit ("paradise lost" for my english class)
Last movie you saw: "the piano" on thursday for film class
Last song you heard: "sweet sangria" by tori amos
Last thing you had to drink: fruit works apple raspberry stuff
Last time you showered: this afternoon
Last thing you ate: a banana

Do You ...

Smoke?: no
Do drugs?: no
Have sex?: no
Sleep with stuffed animals?: no
Live in the moment?: pretty much, but i do plan ahead
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: no
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: nope
Play an instrument?: no, i used to, but i have no patience or musical talent
Believe there is life on other planets?: sure
Remember your first love?: hehehe yes...
Still love him/her?: haven't seen him since we were 5-ish
Like being kissed on the neck? no, if anything at all touches my neck, i freak out and have a mad tourette syndrome episode
ear? nah...
Read the newspaper?: i read the funnies when i get a chance, and if something grabs my attention i read it
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: lots
Believe in miracles?: yup
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: if you're a faithful person, yes
Consider yourself tolerant of others?: yes, even though they drive me nuts sometimes
Consider love a mistake?: hey, mistakes happen, but love itself isn't one
Like the taste of alcohol?: noooooo, yucky!
Have a favorite candy?: pez
Believe in astrology?: a little
Believe in magic?: yes
Believe in God?: in the wiccan sense, yes
Pray?: when i remember to
Go to church?: does the church supper on sunday count?
Have any secrets?: sure, my friends know most of them, but i have a few i really hide
Have any pets: a cat and a bird
Do well in school?: i'm doing a lot better this semester than i did last year
Go to or plan to go to college?: i'm a sophomore
Have a major?: english, creative writing track
Talk to strangers who instant message you?: if they're nice and DoNt TaLk LiK3 ThIs, abbreviate everything, and act stupid
Wear hats?: i used to, but not any more
Have any piercings?: used to have my ears
Have any tattoos?: nope
Hate yourself?: no
Have an obsession?: hedwig and the angry inch, velma from scooby doo, etc.
Have a secret crush?: hehe yeah, my friend ben, though a few people know about it
Do they know yet?: not yet... i don't think he figured it out yet
Collect anything?: velma stuff, witchy stuff, books, etc.
Have a best friend?: kinda, we've been friends since junior high, but nothing is official
Wish on stars?: when i see one
Like your handwriting?: it's fun and childish!
Have any bad habits?: i have tourette syndrome, and the computer is my bad habit
Care about looks?: noooooo, just keep yourself clean and i won't care
Boy/girlfriend's looks?: n/a
Friends and other people?: i really don't care
Believe in witches?: i AM one
Believe in Satan?: no, unless you count my friend who we call "satan" because she's so insanely religious
Believe in ghosts?: yes, there's one that haunts the hall i live on
Believe in Happiness?: yup

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