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Dear Unconscious,

Please stop dreaming about her. I've tried to cut her out of my life completely, and having dreams with the same recurring theme doesn't help. I do not wish to make peace. I don't want to have to deal with her any more. I don't like her as a person. She is poisonous. She leaves a trail of pain wherever she goes, and she has hurt not only me, but others I care about. So please, enough with the dreams. I never want to see or hear from her again, especially not in my dreams.

Also, what's with all the "Rock of Love" dreams lately? I mean, I know I've been watching too much TV lately, but could you at least send me Kyle XY dreams? Or Hell's Kitchen, which I just found out is on again? (It's on tonight, but I have like 3 episodes to watch first, and I'll probably have to work late for the billionth time.)

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