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Writer's Block: Jackpot

If you won the lottery, what would you do with your newfound riches?

Assuming I win more than 100K, I'd pay off my mortgage and any outstanding debts. Then I'd take my closest friends on a few trips to various interesting countries. (We're going to Indiaaaaa!!!! And Greece! And Italy! And to visit Jon and Kathleen in Denmark in the summer when they're on the island! And Japan! And Borneo! And then we'll be so tired we'll need to take a break for a few years before traveling again!) Then I'd hire someone (probably one of my manservants) to clean my house once a week or so, because we all know I'm too lazy to do it. I'd upgrade my electronics (I need a new laptop, and I'd get a TV with a screen that's actually bigger than my computer screen) and probably buy a bunch of new video games. Then I'd put most of the rest in savings.

And then I'd switch to working part time, and I'd stand up and say "I'm not doing this any more" when they make us work evenings AND weekends for several weeks. Grrrrr. So... tired... of working... endlessly... need... day... off...
Tags: lottery, spending spree, writer's block

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