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i need a hug. i have my spongebob cuddle pillow, but it isn't working very well. right now i just wish my emotions came with a switch and i could glue the switch in the "off" position. usually i go to tuesday group feeling sad and then leave happy. well, today was the opposite. i won't say why, other than i feel like an idiot and don't want to talk about it. i'm going to email cj about it. *sigh*

anywho, it's hard to type with a pillow on your lap, so i moved spongebob to the bed. blaaaaaah. i feel a little better, the tears are dry anyway. i'm such a dork.

positive, happy thoughts. right. today's "day by day" talks about forgiveness against those who have betrayed us. yeah, i picked one of those christian booklets up when nobody was looking at the church supper. i'm going through a rough time right now, with family problems (and stuff i found out tonight), so i need all the support i can get. and hey, i'm an eclectic wiccan, which means i draw wisdom from all sorts of places. this "day by day" thing offers positive wisdom every day, and i haven't found any real preaching in it yet (if i do, i'll ignore it and move on).

i'm talking to alexia now. yay.
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